First the WIKI page was challenged and removed, then this website was hacked (along with several others). OK, so what else is new? When you write about controversial topics the way I did, those are the risks. I would have taken it all as coincidence if not for the hate mail.… Enough… #GoodbyePolitics

This is not me giving up. It’s quite the opposite. The elevated state of mind has proliferated. We even have presidential candidates openly challenging the oligarchy. It’s inspiring to see people begin to ask questions. On a personal note, it’s difficult to let go of 8 years of diligent blogging, but listening to everyone talk, I can’t help but to feel I did my minuscule part.

There is also plenty of music…., but honestly……., #GoodbyePolitics. Certain aspects of the movement have to go underground… You’ll only see a glimpse here. To those who are tuned into that frequency: We have all made a great difference together, but there is much work to be done. Everyone else, enjoy the party. Of course you know, the party never stops.