Since I am faced with re-populating 8 years worth of blogs… I might as well start from the beginning.
WHY Reggae Music??

To me Reggae music is the highest form of spiritual music, especially the Roots Reggae that came about in the early 1970s. In 1966 the Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie paid a visit to Jamaica. He was thought of by many Jamaicans to be GOD incarnate.

Some of the earlier writings of Marcus Garvey suggested that a “Great King would rise from Africa” and lead Black people out of slavery. Although Garvey himself was no fan of Selassie’s, the timing of his writings seemed to coincide with the coronation of the emperor. The Ethiopian army’s ability to fend off an Italian invading force and biblical teachings about Ethiopia created a perfect storm of coincidence.

Regardless of what any outsiders thought, the Rastas were true believers in the 1970s; and belief is faith. Faith moves mountains. The artistic output of that era has resonated throughout every culture on the planet, spawning a host of imitators, many of whom are also true believers. That belief lends them power.

Even if the timelines and motives do not always add up, the spiritual connection of Reggae music holds true. Spirituality reaches back throughout the history of mankind for its foundation. Reggae does this. Gospel and Blues do this. Pop music….. parodies this.