Be ye not misled by this Judas fish…
He avoided the net, then denies it exists… 

Morgan Freeman denies “race” has anything to do with income inequality

Any time someone says “Look at me… I made it” then doesn’t offer much else, think of the term “Judas fish”. “Making it” most often requires knowledge of which traps to avoid, which difficulties one needs to anticipate. Here he offers nothing, save the illusion that “there’s nothing stopping you”. No wonder he’s so popular with The Establishment.

(*NOTE in Jan. 2016 this blog was hacked – Update from the archives)

The Judas method is also used to herd sheep or various livestock. It’s not the dog who nips at their heels and keeps them in line. It’s another goat, or a steer, in the case of cattle ranching. It’s the one at the FRONT of the herd, leading them to the slaughterhouse. Of course the Judas’s life is spared. Of course it is granted more freedoms and appears more satisfied than the rest of the herd. This manufactured charisma is an essential element when it comes to misleading the masses. That’s every hood-rich rapper nowadays, and every old COOT who talks the way Morgan does above. He fully lives up to the name of his character in the movie “Now You See Me”.

Li’l Wayne believes racism does not exist.
One thing should be considered. The animal that avoids the slaughterhouse does not necessarily realize its role in the grand scheme of things. If it ever wakes up, then it’s no longer an asset to the “enterprise”. What do you think will happen next? You can hardly blame them for playing dumb at that point.

The rationale for this blog: It’s not to perpetuate racism as some might suggest. It’s quite the opposite. We as a society need to take the attitude of acknowledging past wrongs. In that way said wrongs have a smaller chance of being repeated. Imagine being in an abusive relationship for years, and refusing to acknowledge it because the past few weeks were O.K. That’s the very definition of living in denial, and it’s the way certain members of the population are asked to live every day.