Blue wave… more like a teardrop.

Beto O’Rourke didn’t win. Andrew Gillum didn’t win. Even that racist P.O.S. in Georgia presided over his own election and saw to it that Black people couldn’t vote.

Now…. let me tell you WHY
There is no strong voice against Republican reasoning. The resistance does not happen at the ballot box. It happens in the minds of the people, and the conscience of America used to be it’s ARTS COMMUNITY.

When you think of the civil rights era I guarantee you, aside from the speeches, a song comes to mind. The counter-culture revolution was driven by MUSIC, COMEDY and FASHION. No revolution can happen without them.

Hidden within those three things are messages for the people interested in changing the world. The messengers don’t always have the answers, but they have a platform, credibility and the best of intentions. Athletes try, but they are not always as effective or iconic as Ali or Kaepernick.

Record labels: They are supposed to make money, but they are also supposed to take risks. They no longer do that. The end result is an industry-wide, homogenized artistic output from the same 50 people who seldom dare to speak out against anything, for fear of losing their sponsorship (deal). So there is effectively NO true voice for change.

Can you blame artists? Their credibility is derived from a combination of SINCERITY and SUCCESS. Today’s fans are only impressed by “social proof”. We believe things are actually getting done by way of Facebook / InstaGram Likes.

Point blank… ART drives culture, and today’s artists are manufactured, packaged garbage designed to turn off your mind. You think the 60’s artists didn’t make a difference? Look up Vice President Spiro Agnew. Look up President Richard Nixon. These politicians were forced to resign due to impropriety. The USA elected Jimmy Carter afterwards. HE IS ONE OF THE ONLY POLITICIANS I RESPECT.

Still, the call for real change will not come from a politician. It will come from an artist. So entertainment companies are going to have to start taking risks again. Release work from people who have something to say. Stand behind it, even if you don’t always agree.

Fans are also going to have to step outside the cattle car. Support ART that speaks to you. Don’t look at what the “crowd” is doing. Many times numbers are manipulated anyway because they know you are programmed to QUANTIFY art. You don’t QUALIFY it.

The moral compass of society is always something that comes from the arts community. This is why poetry and music (definitely comedy) are banned in countries where there is no freedom of expression. In the USA they did not ban it. They simply paid dumb assed artists a great deal of money to dumb down the population. Media companies are complicit in this, and now wonder why even their biggest and brightest stars (Oprah, Beyonce, Jay-Z, etc) cannot make a social impact.

With art being placed so low in terms of importance, it means that corporate interests will always drive the conversation. Why would anyone listen to lyrics from a progressive singer with three jobs, when the village idiot is stepping out of a limousine? 🤣🤣🤣