Make no mistake about it. Latino Alt Rock is definitely a thing. With its punk inflected, revolutionary aesthetic an entire culture has grown from the social ashes left by decades of American interventionism. ALT Rock is the perfect vehicle for channeling feelings of angst, rage and frustration. It may include any number of genres with a message of resistance permeating throughout.

Bionik & MC ZULU on Latino Alt Rock / Hosts Pablo Miranda, Raul Escobar

So why are they playing Reggae in Minnesota?

The answer is simple. Once the norms and accepted messages have been established, it’s easy to find mutual interests, even among people from differing backgrounds. KFAI Radio, broadcasting from Minneapolis / St. Paul, plays host to the areas most progressive minded shows. They are dedicated not only to supporting local talent, but advocating for innovative voices.

Bionik & MC ZULU with KFAI’s “Radio” Rico Morales

Imagine FM programming which covers an entire metropolitan area, but features a guest list that reads like a “who’s who” of homegrown artists. Music often branches far away from any genre namesakes into a free-form journey guided by the personalities’ current mood. Suddenly you aren’t being “programmed”. You are being introduced to some cool person’s music collection. When this happens common ground finds itself, while the local economy benefits. In my humble opinion it’s the only formula that can save terrestrial radio.

MC ZULU @ KFAI FM Minneapolis / St. Paul with DJ legend Spider J. Hamilton

Latino ALTRock: