As the music INDUSTRY moves further and further away from…. music, an interesting trend has emerged on the steaming services. According to an article on not only are fake artists emerging at an increasing rate; their plays are actually showing up within random user accounts. This means paying customers are seeing plays of artists they have never heard of.

This is an ingenious, but sinister way of defrauding the industry overall, because users of the Spotify platform pay a blanket fee. They are not charged more or less for spins in their accounts, so attributing plays to them doesn’t affect the price. What it does however, is allow a non-existent entity to participate in a share of revenue which was intended for artists. The Fake musicians are also being playlisted while Spotify plays dumb.

How much did you pay to get playlisted?

(Photo Illustration by Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images)

In the age of streaming we’ve got to work with companies like Spotify. The tech industry controls the distribution of art, and therefore determines the value of it. Consumers have also been trained to look at charts and relate numbers to worth, completely ignoring whether or not they actually LIKE something.

The same scheme has been employed in the past. You just might not realize it. I feel like any artist who rode the charts with several hits, but is somehow forgotten today, had their career “massaged” by the powerful individuals of their time. The same thing is being done now virtually.

So why NOT create a series of computer generated tones, upload them to the streaming services and manipulate their numbers? If your only purpose with music is to make money, or if you’re just fed up with the current climate, this COULD be an opportunity for you. People who have something to say, people who feel like the world needs to hear what they can do, have different motivations.
The question is: How do they win?