Steel is well known for its strength. It is the very backbone of our modern day infrastructure, but what do you do when it isn’t strong enough? Steel and iron are often galvanized. They are made stronger by adding a coat of Zinc. If you want stronger coffee, you add alcohol to it. Things that occupy the physical realm are always reinforced, either with additional materials or more of the same.

This is the way many of us look at life. We sometimes believe that progress won’t happen unless certain things are in place. Until we have the right clothing or equipment, we cannot move forward. We seek the validation of others before we center on our own feelings. Too much time is wasted, waiting for things to line up before we take action. That shows a lack of inner strength.

People are not like materials. The more materials we have, the more we become materialistic.
With the absence of resources however… we become resourceful.

So when you need strength don’t concentrate on the problem. Instead imagine yourself having to succeed even WITHOUT certain advantages. Learn how to DO without. The alternative scenarios will teach you how to formulate options. One of those options is likely a solution, and it may improve your life above and beyond the current situation. Why are entitled people, who have so much, often the neediest? In times of turmoil or emergency they completely fall apart because their “resource mind” is underdeveloped.

Because of how we exist on the Earth we are already accustomed to certain creature comforts. We would never be able to traverse the planet without modern modes of transportation. We always seek protection from the elements and GOD FORBID the internet ever goes down! This is simply the way we live in the 21st Century. No one can escape it. So live life, just don’t let yourself become a casualty of convenience.