What does winning mean to you? Have you accomplished a lot and you still feel like it’s not enough? This could be why.

So many times we think about the ones who have hated on us. We CLAIM that it drives us to do better… it’s true. That can be a good Catalyst or motivator, but the anger burns bright, and it’s not effective as a long term fuel.

So you have people who have done some great things and their first thought is: Man I know the haters gonna CHOKE on this one.

You just cut your blessing in half.. You know why? Your are inclined towards negativity. Instead of thinking how you could inspire the next few thousand people, you’re thinking of how to HURT someone with your success. So your best efforts are not aimed at uplifting your fans and well wishers. They are aimed at HATERS.

Is it any surprise at all…That’s who you seem to attract?