Honestly I hate to see that Notre Dame Cathedral burnt down because I am fond of the Gothic architecture of Catholic churches… Really it’s the POLICIES of the church that need to be burnt down for good. Their ideas laid the foundation of the rich getting richer, and living without accountability. Stop blaming “The Jews”…. Religious enrichment is a ROMAN tradition.

A police officer’s son burnt down Black churches, but there wasn’t half of the outcry…… HERE’S WHY.

As far as Black churches are concerned, many Black people know THEY should be the ones burning them. Holy houses of mis-information taught us the doctrines of Euro supremacy and fealty to slave masters. That’s where our brainwashing began.

King James commissioned a version of the bible where people who once spoke ancient Hebrew and Aramaic are now quoted in Olde English…(Thou shalt not, Blessed be thine heart etc.) You want to know why people are lost? It’s because everywhere we turn we are being further misdirected.

For instance, you want me to pray to Blonde Jesus for deliverance from White cops and Black criminals?

Just so I’m clear on this: It takes the murder of our best role models to bring Black people together? A burning cathedral was the only thing that could stop the REST of Paris from being burnt down? If there’s any takeaway from this confusion I would say: The human need for TRAGEDY before UNITY is our greatest downfall.