A CROWD is much easier to manipulate than a group of people thinking for themselves. Once you become part of a crowd you’ll know, because you begin to look disparagingly at the opposition, rather than critically.

Before you realize it, you’re also part of a narrative that had nothing to do with your original intentions.

Society’s biggest problem is that people do not feel empowered, determined or correct unless they are part of a crowd. If you don’t believe me look at how art is appraised. What determines value….

Do OTHER people want it?
Do OTHER people like it?
Do OTHER people believe it?
……OK well so do I.

Look at everything critically. Find the voice within you that decides what’s right vs. wrong. Get in touch with your OWN feelings. Too many of us have shut that down in favor of our crowd mentality, but that’s our only connection to GOD

When you TRULY think or pray it is individualized.

Crowds chant together Their power is limited to the waging of battles. That’s why most bibles talk about war. That’s why “Holy ground” is most often determined by how much blood was spilled in the area..
Being part of a crowd is what destroys your GOD.
Because a GOD doesn’t need a crowd.
A GOD needs true believers.