Why is Africa so poor? Why is “the ghetto” so screwed up? It’s only because the general public is shrouded in ignorance. Recently the Belgian prime minister apologized to African nations for it’s part in colonialism.

Yeah, White folks finally recognize what THEY did to us.
He has nothing to apologize for, he didn’t do it personally.

THE TRUTH: Rich people came up with a plan to further enrich themselves despite the fact that hundreds of millions would die. They developed a de-humanized way of looking at the main victims and TRICKED the whole world into sharing that view.

The REAL perpetrators of this heinous system have “Whites” thinking they’re just a cut above, that “Blacks” ended up this way because they are lazy and violent.

They have many “Blacks” thinking that way as well…. so much so that we hate ourselves! Through White Supremacy a privileged class was created. It is class warfare.

The class warfare is backed by economic disparity. Those who break through are hailed as the exception and not the norm….. reinforcing their second class status.

In actuality, countries give a small amount of aid to Africa while MINING 5000 times the resources FROM Africa. The same thing happens in “the ghetto” where the taxes and costs of goods are much higher. There is only garbage for food and any available jobs pay nothing. Ghetto’s sustain cities by way of these tactics, and also “Broken Windows Policing”, just like a nucleus sustains a cell.

Not familiar with that term? Look it up.

Many of you who don’t believe me also look at Ghandi’s writings about Black people while he LIVED IN AFRICA! Despite the racist beliefs he once held, as a result of what I just described… he woke up and became….. GHANDI….. He realized we’re all the same. So can you. It’s not too late.

Some think having the “redlined” part of their city to look down upon is a pretty sweet deal, because comparatively, it means they’ve done well… but it’s like driving a car with one flat tire. Imagine how nuch further society would move ahead if you fixed that flat tire.