The Ecuadorian government recieved a 4.2 Billion dollar loan from the IMF and suddenly Julian Assange had to leave the embassy.

Your social media apps listen to you.
Amazon employees monitor your conversations.

Representatives fighting against pollution are called stupid and receive death threats.

…and sorry Universal Healthcare should not mean that you are FINED for NOT buying insurance.

The country is setting aside funds to build a wall around you and MANDATING vaccines. What else will they mandate once you’re marked “safe” from the measles and the immigrants?

Who here thinks I should “go back to Africa” because I see too much corporate/government over reach. It’s MUCH WORSE over there. They don’t even ask… They just send troops.

The only way to sell these continued violations is by creating a “bad guy” via hatemongering rhetoric, then declaring anyone who tries to rise up against it as crazy….. or they are assassinated.

YOU are falling for the worst ruse of all, willfully relinquishing your rights.