You’re TOO OLD / It’s TOO LATE / You’re not good enough
Imagine how happy you’d be if….

Your inner demons use these words more than anyone.
Don’t blame the “well meaning” family member who said it once or twice. Don’t blame the bully who whispered it behind your back. Inner demons are negative thoughts constantly replayed in your subconscious mind. They will always be the most powerful enemy you have.

The good news about this “enemy” is that you can control it. You can train it to be your greatest ally, a never-ending source of power. Your subconscious mind is only an enemy if you program it to be one.

So when you find yourself brooding about how good things “won’t work”, or kicking yourself over “lost time”, recognize that thought as an inner demon. Mentally target that demon and get it out of your head somehow. It’s truly the only thing holding you back.

When a positively charged mind is leading you, circumstances are secondary.