Sorry folks, you might as well face it… It’s a MAN’S world. Not only that, it’s a WHITE MAN’S World. Not only that, it’s a RICH WHITE MAN’S World. There it is. Public policy of all sorts is determined by RICH WHITE MEN.

So if you are not ALL of the above, you are merely a hamster on a wheel.

Jason Isbell knows.

Right now I am going to apologize to the POOR Caucasian gentlemen with a net worth of a anything less than $2 Billion who actually think I am talking about them. Because of your identity and financial aspirations you get lumped in to the category above. Many of you actually support their agenda, but make no mistake…. You are as much of an OUTSIDER.

As any “MINORITY” who is oppressed by The System.
As any WOMAN who cannot choose what happens to her body.
As any unloved CHILD brought into this world, subjected to the horrors of abuse or neglect.

You may get upset reading this… saying “Hey, I’m WHITE!” but you do not satisfy the criteria. It’s not about skin color, not even net worth. RICH, WHITE MAN is a CLASS. Everything we are taught as far as racism, sexism, any ISM, is CLASS WARFARE, designed to sub-divide us, so we lose sight of the true ruling party.