To all the people who send me DIRECT MESSAGES of support, because they would rather not get caught up in drama of arguing with the brainwashed: Check this one out.

AmeriKKKan, presidential lines are already being drawn in the sand.

Mindless Republicans are screaming Trump 2020 mainly because they hate / fear “minorities”.

Mindless Democrats (especially “minorities”) are lining up behind Joe Biden… because “anything but Trump”.

But LOOK at what the Democrats did to you! Remember in 1994 Joe Biden was pushing his “Crime Bill” as head of the Senate Judiciary Committee. He had the support of THE Clinton’s and Hillary called us “Super Predators” who needed to be “brought to heel”.

Within ONE YEAR The New York Times was reporting about the incarceration rate of Black and Latino males. With those men out of the picture a whole generation of fatherless children were left to fend for themselves. This gave rise to a new crop of “Super Predators”.


Fast forward to today. Donald Trump is beating up on the immigrant population. STILL he was politically astute enough to pass the “First Steps” Act. I see this as a calculated move to get the minority vote. It would take much more to break the “school to prison pipeline” however, so that business model is not disturbed at all.

…and once again AmeriKKka is lining up a choice of which DUDE they should support, ignoring the fact that very capable women are in the running. After all this madness are you that afraid of a woman being in charge?

I personally think men in general need to discard the traditional role of running society (into the ground). The idea of masculinity that we’re raised on was really designed to keep weaker, less qualified men in power. It also shifted men from being PROTECTORS to being in COMPETITION with women.

Class warfare reigns even in the household. More lines are drawn in the sand and teams are chosen. At the top of every throne sits a weak, ineffective man… just like the chess board. I often think about African Queen Nzinga who kept the Portuguese at bay using strength and diplomacy. As soon as she was out of power they moved right into Angola.

As a citizen of modern day “Babylon” I get a vote. I won’t campaign for anyone, but I can promise you this: From elections…. all the way down to running any businesses I am part of, I have not been inclined to have a man in charge for quite some time. Try allowing roles to truly fill themselves according to merit and aptitude. You will be surprised how things shake up. It just might damage a fragile ego.