……. and then there was the time that “fearing for my life” DIDN’T protect someone who exhibited cowardice and violated the public trust.

Deputy Scot Peterson has been arrested for essentially sitting on his hands while the Parkland school shooting was taking place. The amazing thing is that so many people took his side in the argument, saying things like “the police are not OBLIGATED to protect citizens”… sickening.

What has been happening is that we choose sides in arguments based on our various affiliations, forgetting about right vs. wrong. Decision making has devolved from being a personal choice, to being a team sport. If someone is on your “team” you advocate for them regardless of whether or not they are right.

This is what all you cop apologists have been doing, and it has gotten us to the point where we have officers, like Peterson, being put in crucial situations and failing to act. When it comes to shooting unarmed Black people they get the hero treatment, but that is a cowardly HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION. Apparently so is failing to do anything as a school full of kids is being attacked. A coward is a coward. Who could have guessed?

This might seem like a rant against police, but it’s exactly the opposite. Shoutout to all the officers buying groceries for poor people, pulling kids out of burning vehicles, doing CPR on babies and all the other great things I have personally witnessed as a first responder. Also super shoutout to the workers of the Babylon System who finally bowed to public pressure in deciding to hold this PIG accountable. It takes the profession up a notch.