Children of undocumented immigrants arrested in Mississippi rely on strangers for food and shelter
USA: As difficult as it may be… we all need to look at how we got to this current state of affairs. It’s easy to forget, in all this mayhem, that the Democratic National Committee tried to FORCE their constituents to vote for Hillary Clinton, by illegally nullifying everything Bernie Sanders was doing.

I am not the biggest Bernie Sanders fan, but I’m pretty sure had he been elected this type of policy would not be in effect.

So you have a government whose maIn leaders on both sides of the aisles were close friends with a pedophile sex trafficker. Now you have ICE raids that effectively leave hordes of children orphaned. On the religious side of things the clergy molests children en masse… at will, with very little accountability.

So what kind of future are you trying to build?
Some of you may think this is justice, but you are playing a dangerous game that will ruin the nation you claim to love for generations to come. Who do you think these children will victimize when they get older? YOUR CHILDREN.

BTW Unlike many of you I do not “unfriend” supporters of these inhumane policies so that I have the opportunity to engage them directly. You might get them to see the underlying racism that plays into their decisions.

Another good way to “wake up” your acquaintances is to explain to them how someone else’s financial self-interests (or sexual proclivities) play a major role in the beliefs they claim to hold so dearly. I have been using this account that way for the past 4 years.