It doesn’t take much.

This picture on the surface is beautiful. I have to admit when I first saw it (maybe 4 years ago) I was somewhat overwhelmed by the story it seems to tell. An elderly gentleman, perhaps from the United States extends a random act of kindness to a child in some remote region of the world. That’s probably exactly what happened, but I also have to admit: I am JADED by the United States media and society.

Considering recent headlines with sex traffickers, heads of state and such being floated about, how are you supposed to feel anything but concern for this poor girl? How did the story play out? Was this a trap? Does she still have her LIVER?? It’s the sad state of affairs that we have to exist under. Media in the USA has done a great job of sheltering its citizenry from such possibilities and implications. Now with every headline, the myth of first world civility is crashing.

We see how nefarious the people we respect can be. We know the lengths they will go through to maintain their secrecy. There have been too many implausible coincidences allowing anyone with a little money, or affiliation, to escape accountability. For those of you who are wondering what can be done to re-cast this scene (and others like it) in a positive light, the answer is simple. More random acts of kindness must be performed. Give without expectation. The more it happens the more the dark clouds of suspicion will be cleared away. We will accept consideration as the norm.

Small acts like this can change the world.