The Secret to Regaining Happiness

If you’re anything like me, you were determined to keep things running smoothly as the global economy waxed and waned. That meant forgetting happiness and going into hustle mode. I went into that mode and STAYED THERE, sometimes working up to 100 hours weekly as a peds nurse. THEN I would stay up all night making MC ZULU songs. I was all about chasing a dollar.

The end result: A permanent mindset of Hustle Mode & Promo & Hard Work & Grinding & Pushing Limits & Never Sleeping….
I had forgotten how to be happy. It hit me one time when we took our kids to the arcade. I realized that I was actually BORED! I WANTED TO BE AT WORK!!!! instead of enjoying the day with my kids??

Things were going well but I feel like that happened at the expense of my humanity.

Honestly, right now………………………………… FUCK THAT
Actually FUCK THAT since about 2012. I made a commitment to fitness and family. I stopped touring as much and let all my kids grow up WITH a DAD, instead of some wannabe Rock Star.

That might be more than you want to know about me, but it’s my truth. What’s your truth? If the whole “Sleep when you’re dead” mentality has made it so you’ve forgotten how to LIVE, then you need to make a similar declaration. Nothing you want is worth exchanging your health or quality of life.

Get out of your comfort zone! Find things that you SUCK AT and struggle through them. Your journey will be beautiful. One of the things that I learned a while ago is that expertise can be boring. If people know the outcome they will fall asleep. Unpredictability incites curiosity and ultimately positive change. Reinvent yourself. Try as many constructive things as you can, until you find the ones you love. Your body and mind also crave variety. Fitness levels plateau if you do the same workout forever. Life is dynamic not static. You need to mix it up!

Capoeira (like Reggae) is something I love way more than I thought I would. I don’t care who’s better or worse. I’m just happy to be a part of it. Awesome, now find your “Capoeira”, whatever it may be. Chances are though, it lies outside of your comfort zone. Break your routine. Don’t be afraid to start at the beginning!

Your Definition of “WOKE” Says a Lot About You

“In the case of being “Woke” many people claim it, but exactly how Woke are you? It’s a term that’s often thrown around casually. Some people openly admit that they just “don’t want to know” certain things. Like anything else, your awareness is something that can be measured in degrees.

The Physical Plane
Knowledge of self is something that I truly believe is the first step. Becoming self-aware is not easy. For some it never happens until they reach old age. If you want to spare your children a lifetime of confusion, and never knowing what they WANT, help them to achieve at least that level of enlightenment.

The Mental Plane
When you have a strong acumen for the economic and man-made realm you are using your cerebral powers. Hard working, successful people are usually said to have transitioned into the Mental plane of enlightenment. They know what it takes to thrive in such an environment.

The Spiritual Plane
Many people move through life never knowing their place in the universe. A spiritual person considers their actions and the many possibilities that can result from them. As a result they are often the picture of stillness. The stress of the previous planes does not affect them as drastically. It is common for such a person to receive exactly what they need with minimal effort.

It is also my belief that every idea exists on each one of these planes, in a certain manifestation. I’ll refer to them often. However you define enlightenment and being “Woke” though, is up to you, but knowing the approaches might help you to achieve a better outcome.