So, When Exactly Was Jay-Z a Sell Out?

Jay-Z Rap/glorifying an alleged drug dealing past = HERO
Jay-Z working with the NFL = SELLOUT (?)

We are being tricked yet again.
How do you think drugs and guns reached “the ghetto”? The NFL certainly didn’t put them there.

I’m not even a football fan and all I can see the organization doing is creating Black millionaires. Now THIS is where they messed up. They tried to stifle Colin Kaepernick’s first amendment rights, pandering to their MAGA contingent. Ultimately they had to pay Colin a settlement.

GOOD. I consider him a hero…. because he put everything on the line to make a statement; and the thing is, IT WORKED. The NFL is throwing money in every direction to put out the fire they started 🤣 but THEY are not the problem.
Believe it or not, the POLICE are not the problem.

The real problem is the unspoken policy of smuggling arms into CERTAIN neighborhoods, following that up with drugs, closing down the schools, not having local employment, increased taxation rates, food deserts, and CONTINUAL MEDIA DEMONIZATION, blaming the victims of said policy.

This is why I never did kneel.
This is why I don’t demonstrate.
The whole focus is misplaced.

Some of us are trying to sing and March like it’s 1960
Some of us are swinging the whip for the oppressor like it’s 1860

Both camps view anyone Black, existing outside of those ill-conceived boundaries as: SELLOUT

Make Someone’s Day Wonderful

It doesn’t take much.

This picture on the surface is beautiful. I have to admit when I first saw it (maybe 4 years ago) I was somewhat overwhelmed by the story it seems to tell. An elderly gentleman, perhaps from the United States extends a random act of kindness to a child in some remote region of the world. That’s probably exactly what happened, but I also have to admit: I am JADED by the United States media and society.

Considering recent headlines with sex traffickers, heads of state and such being floated about, how are you supposed to feel anything but concern for this poor girl? How did the story play out? Was this a trap? Does she still have her LIVER?? It’s the sad state of affairs that we have to exist under. Media in the USA has done a great job of sheltering its citizenry from such possibilities and implications. Now with every headline, the myth of first world civility is crashing.

We see how nefarious the people we respect can be. We know the lengths they will go through to maintain their secrecy. There have been too many implausible coincidences allowing anyone with a little money, or affiliation, to escape accountability. For those of you who are wondering what can be done to re-cast this scene (and others like it) in a positive light, the answer is simple. More random acts of kindness must be performed. Give without expectation. The more it happens the more the dark clouds of suspicion will be cleared away. We will accept consideration as the norm.

Small acts like this can change the world.

Children of Undocumented Immigrants Left Stranded

Children of undocumented immigrants arrested in Mississippi rely on strangers for food and shelter
USA: As difficult as it may be… we all need to look at how we got to this current state of affairs. It’s easy to forget, in all this mayhem, that the Democratic National Committee tried to FORCE their constituents to vote for Hillary Clinton, by illegally nullifying everything Bernie Sanders was doing.

I am not the biggest Bernie Sanders fan, but I’m pretty sure had he been elected this type of policy would not be in effect.

So you have a government whose maIn leaders on both sides of the aisles were close friends with a pedophile sex trafficker. Now you have ICE raids that effectively leave hordes of children orphaned. On the religious side of things the clergy molests children en masse… at will, with very little accountability.

So what kind of future are you trying to build?
Some of you may think this is justice, but you are playing a dangerous game that will ruin the nation you claim to love for generations to come. Who do you think these children will victimize when they get older? YOUR CHILDREN.

BTW Unlike many of you I do not “unfriend” supporters of these inhumane policies so that I have the opportunity to engage them directly. You might get them to see the underlying racism that plays into their decisions.

Another good way to “wake up” your acquaintances is to explain to them how someone else’s financial self-interests (or sexual proclivities) play a major role in the beliefs they claim to hold so dearly. I have been using this account that way for the past 4 years.

Black Mirror Impressions

The Netflix series “Black Mirror” is amazing. Some of the commentary on social media and the obsession with virtual rankings falls into the “sad but true” category. It simply doesn’t pay to allow others to decide for you:

What to like / Who to love or hate / What’s cool / When to be offended… It’s an extension of the old high school popularity contest, giving everyone but you the power over your own happiness.

Make Ariel White Again? OK… While We’re on the Subject…

Yesterday was my birthday, and in 2019 I woke up to THIS…..
AmeriKKKa is upset that actress Halle Bailey (not Berry) is going to be playing Ariel in an upcoming Little Mermaid movie.
Not sure if they’ll let me in the group though :o/

When you’re 20 years ahead of your time, there’s no need to count birthdays. For example, I remember people telling me “it doesn’t matter what color Jesus was..”. I’m inclined to agree until I see “Christian” groups arguing about mermaids.

This video shows how elements of the church are finally catching up. Even now, if I tried to tell you who GOD is… it would REALLY blow your mind. We’ll talk in another 20 years I guess.

What Do Borders Really Mean?

Manufacturing costs are the main reason for man made borders. There needs to be certain areas where materials can be produced cheaply. Resources are another reason.

So called 1st world governments rob poor countries of their resources, using their own citizens. To maintain the dynamic they destabilize these countries’ governments and local economy, usually by arming and starting a war between opposing factions/tribes. Citizens of the “first world” are the beneficiaries of these odious policies. Then we have the nerve to want to “build a wall” to keep the victims of these policies away.

For Black people it’s even worse.

Africans mine diamonds, which are then traded on the open market without African countries profiting.
Then African AMERICANS buy them back in the form of blue-eyed Jesus pieces.

The confusion is truly universal

Scot Peterson, Inept Deputy During Parkland School Shooting Arrested

……. and then there was the time that “fearing for my life” DIDN’T protect someone who exhibited cowardice and violated the public trust.

Deputy Scot Peterson has been arrested for essentially sitting on his hands while the Parkland school shooting was taking place. The amazing thing is that so many people took his side in the argument, saying things like “the police are not OBLIGATED to protect citizens”… sickening.

What has been happening is that we choose sides in arguments based on our various affiliations, forgetting about right vs. wrong. Decision making has devolved from being a personal choice, to being a team sport. If someone is on your “team” you advocate for them regardless of whether or not they are right.

This is what all you cop apologists have been doing, and it has gotten us to the point where we have officers, like Peterson, being put in crucial situations and failing to act. When it comes to shooting unarmed Black people they get the hero treatment, but that is a cowardly HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION. Apparently so is failing to do anything as a school full of kids is being attacked. A coward is a coward. Who could have guessed?

This might seem like a rant against police, but it’s exactly the opposite. Shoutout to all the officers buying groceries for poor people, pulling kids out of burning vehicles, doing CPR on babies and all the other great things I have personally witnessed as a first responder. Also super shoutout to the workers of the Babylon System who finally bowed to public pressure in deciding to hold this PIG accountable. It takes the profession up a notch.

U.S. Presidential Election – Preliminary Projections For 2020

To all the people who send me DIRECT MESSAGES of support, because they would rather not get caught up in drama of arguing with the brainwashed 🤣🤣🤣: Check this one out.

AmeriKKKan, presidential lines are already being drawn in the sand.

Mindless Republicans are screaming Trump 2020 mainly because they hate / fear “minorities”.

Mindless Democrats (especially “minorities”) are lining up behind Joe Biden… because “anything but Trump”.

But LOOK at what the Democrats did to you! Remember in 1994 Joe Biden was pushing his “Crime Bill” as head of the Senate Judiciary Committee. He had the support of THE Clinton’s and Hillary called us “Super Predators” who needed to be “brought to heel”.

Within ONE YEAR The New York Times was reporting about the incarceration rate of Black and Latino males. With those men out of the picture a whole generation of fatherless children were left to fend for themselves. This gave rise to a new crop of “Super Predators”.


Fast forward to today. Donald Trump is beating up on the immigrant population. STILL he was politically astute enough to pass the “First Steps” Act. I see this as a calculated move to get the minority vote. It would take much more to break the “school to prison pipeline” however, so that business model is not disturbed at all.

…and once again AmeriKKka is lining up a choice of which DUDE they should support, ignoring the fact that very capable women are in the running. After all this madness are you that afraid of a woman being in charge?

I personally think men in general need to discard the traditional role of running society (into the ground). The idea of masculinity that we’re raised on was really designed to keep weaker, less qualified men in power. It also shifted men from being PROTECTORS to being in COMPETITION with women.

Class warfare reigns even in the household. More lines are drawn in the sand and teams are chosen. At the top of every throne sits a weak, ineffective man… just like the chess board. I often think about African Queen Nzinga who kept the Portuguese at bay using strength and diplomacy. As soon as she was out of power they moved right into Angola.

As a citizen of modern day “Babylon” I get a vote. I won’t campaign for anyone, but I can promise you this: From elections…. all the way down to running any businesses I am part of, I have not been inclined to have a man in charge for quite some time. Try allowing roles to truly fill themselves according to merit and aptitude. You will be surprised how things shake up. It just might damage a fragile ego.

Is It Just a “Man’s World”?

Sorry folks, you might as well face it… It’s a MAN’S world. Not only that, it’s a WHITE MAN’S World. Not only that, it’s a RICH WHITE MAN’S World. There it is. Public policy of all sorts is determined by RICH WHITE MEN.

So if you are not ALL of the above, you are merely a hamster on a wheel.

Jason Isbell knows.

Right now I am going to apologize to the POOR Caucasian gentlemen with a net worth of a anything less than $2 Billion who actually think I am talking about them. Because of your identity and financial aspirations you get lumped in to the category above. Many of you actually support their agenda, but make no mistake…. You are as much of an OUTSIDER.

As any “MINORITY” who is oppressed by The System.
As any WOMAN who cannot choose what happens to her body.
As any unloved CHILD brought into this world, subjected to the horrors of abuse or neglect.

You may get upset reading this… saying “Hey, I’m WHITE!” but you do not satisfy the criteria. It’s not about skin color, not even net worth. RICH, WHITE MAN is a CLASS. Everything we are taught as far as racism, sexism, any ISM, is CLASS WARFARE, designed to sub-divide us, so we lose sight of the true ruling party.