SXSW 2010 iPhone Update pt. 2

Men plan, God laughs…

Sat March 20
I figured I would be able to attend each and every seminar that day. Why the hell not? I even made a nice list… but fatigue kicked in.

Every so often one of my cousins join me on tour to hang out and remind me of what a nerd I really am. Much love to Nicey for being patient with my excessively tired azz. I’m afraid I was not much of a host, waking up at 6:30 pm

9:40pm) We went to Beauty Bar, for another Soulico cameo, because the SXSW site SAID Beauty Bar. Well that show was at Palm Door… a different venue OWNED by Beauty Bar.. Niiiice… Figured it out waaay after 10.! Got to Palm Door just as they were calling my name. I hate that.

1am) Pop Montreal’s Showcase – Thanks for the invite (which really came from Poirier), but don’t even try to leave “f. MC Zulu” out of the headlines (or write it in all small) when I am doing an official showcase there with him.

Maybe I’m not a big deal….. But how will I ever GET to be one if people keep playing me like that?

This is not a rant. I appreciate EVERYONE allowing me to share their stages! 5 SXSW appearances, all wonderful audiences;

Sun March 21
We got to see the Capitol Bldg. of Texas the next day! My Momma’s from Texas :o)

I finally found some pastry satisfaction in the way of Cinnabons.. Not all DRY like they make it in the wannabe-cost-cutting Chicago burbs either…. TEXAS Style dammit! (“Sinner Buns”)

OK Next I will post some Twitter responses I found.Boom


I had big plans for Saturday..didn’t do sh**

Cousin Nicey with her nerd cousin Zulu

Who knew Austin was the Capitol of Texass.s.sshit.Ishould.have… no comment

SXSW 2010 iPhone Update pt. 1

SXSW Facebook Update:

Thursday March 18
I rocked the Beauty Bar with “Chllngr”, who make a HEAVY Reggae / Electro / Dub fusion, and afterwards went to Momo’s to sit in with “Soulico” from Tel Aviv. (I was pleasantly surprised that ONILI was making an appearance at the Soulico show!) This was directly from the airport. Against better counsel I did not rent a car…….. Foolish

Friday March 19
Screw this… went to get a rental car.
After that the trade show was THE THING. There is a top of the line microphone that is calling my name. Maybe more on that later. Met Kush Arora, Juakali and Nate Mars. (The Dread Bass Sound System) Collectively they made their debut at this SXSW.

One group I really like was The Sleighbells… They make a nice mix of rock music with hard 808 beats. Checked them at the iheartcomix Carnival.

Do you know I can’t find ONE good bakery here in Austin? Someone please help with that.

Anyway, the show at the Ninjatune Showcase went really well. Poirier and I were interviewed afterwards by He spoke French to the interview lady and she got all mesmerized and ignored me! I will kick his ass for that. (and I will learn French)

Also big up Wayne (and Wax) for passing thru.
The best show I watched (and did not participate) award goes to: Daedelus

To be continued…

with ONILI at MoMo’s / LRG Up the Soulico Vibezz

Tacky Champagne Toyota, babyyyyy

Wayne & Wax, Poirier, MC Zulu

Poirier speaking French again… making the ladies all Starry Eyed ……………………………….. bastard

South By Southwest 2010: My Schedule

Looking forward to catching many of my friends shows while in Austin..

Just so you all know, I have been scouring your sites so I can drop thru your showcases as time permits. In case any of you are interested in catching up with me, I have built a profile on the SXSW site which lists where I’ll be. I will also be checking the site and looking for your updates as well.

Click The Following Link:

On the performance tip, I am doing 5 Showcases for SXSW 2010
(Scroll down to find upcoming appearances)

2 with The Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion POIRIER
2 with The Israeli Tag Team DJ Champions SOULICO
1 with The Man Of Many Aliases CHLLNGR

I am looking forward to a great outing! The first time I attended was two years ago, and you little bastards ignored me.oops)management is suggesting that I stop here

Thanks 😮 )

Prayers For Camera #4..?

These cameras are just that damn good. No I am not being sponsored either. The Canon Powershot series… perfect for concert footage, random vacation shots and sexy bedroom scenes alike (I’m just saying); at this point I have purchased 4 of them.

#1 Lost in London.. Either on the train or confiscated by agents of Heathrow airport security

#2 Dropped in the ocean in Australia. I was going for a wave type beach shot.. I’m a dumbass

#3 Fell when the tripod was accidentally tipped over… No further comment

Canon knows what they have, with the low-light sensitivity and HD video, so they upgraded a little and almost doubled the price.

Hoping like crazy to keep up with this new one…

I hate the default Quicktime but still… Good enough to repurchase

The Company You Keep… (Poirier & Face-T) Juno Nominees

BIG NEWS.. Congratulations to POIRIER and FACE-T for their 2010 JUNO nomination!! “Wha La La Leng” for Best Reggae Recording Of The Year!

The song made its debut on the Soca Sound System E.P. (Ninja Tune)

I am seriously happy for these kids, and I hope they win. For you Imperialist, American, capitalist, DOGS (oh dayum) who don’t even KNOW what a Juno is… It’s CANADA’S version of a Grammy..! OK..!?.. MAN, Get WITH it!

OK I admit…… I didn’t have a fkn CLUE either, until my friends were nominated.
SO WHAT? I still believe this takes my average up a little, you “being the company you keep” and all..

It won’t be long NOW, before I’m telling everyone at parties how.. I .. WON an OSCAR, AND a GRAMMY, all on the same NIGHT..!….. but yeah,baby you know …uh.. it was up there in Canada.

Well that’s how the game is PLAYED, isn’t it?

The DRASTICS / New Song & Next Show / Chicago

Change your plans for this Thursday, damn you.

The Drastics will be appearing at a place in Chicago called “The Whistler” and attendance is mandatory.

(here with African Reggae Superstar Fada Dougou)

Yes folks, our drummer Antron is a card carrying member of the ‘musical elitest’ brigade.. meaning he will never listen to an artist you’ve heard of… unless of course they are remixing said artist See Here: MJ A Rocker

SO… it only makes sense that our collective only plays venues where they “Get Us”… or at least we hope they do. Word is that upon sending the initial correspondence, The Whistler mgmt. returned a flat-out, even-handed denial in the form of “We don’t do Reggae”; and actually reconsidered after finally listening to the CD.

In light of all that, perhaps it could be an enjoyable evening. Hoping to see you in the place!

Oh yea.. NEW TRACK! ”Lightning Train” up now on The Drastics MySpace Page

Also become a Facebook Slave.oops I mean please join our Fan Page :o)

SEE?? I’m all over that ‘new style media’ for ‘old style music’, aren’t I? …. BAM!

The Drastics appearing at THE WHISTLER
Thursday March 11, 2010
Doors at 9 – NO COVER
2421 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL 60647
ph: 773-227-3530


How To Spot POSERS In Today’s Music Industry

Talk about annointed ones…

As musicians around the world from legitimate cultures continue to share their influence globally, only one or two POSER /A&R/ DJs receive proper acknowledgement. Moreover, it is now being suggested that these POSERS were somehow the PIONEERS of a given Sound / Look / Vibe… This wholesale chicanery has presented itself in a MAJOR way, as ‘Baile Funk’ (Brazil’s most vital voice of the underground) was essentially chewed up and spit out; well before giving rise to even ONE fruitful career.

At least Reggaeton presented us with Daddy Yankee, Tego and Don Omar, who in turn payed tribute to their Panamanian predecessors. Today’s POSER-Driven-Throwaway-Culture is seeing to it that musical styles flash in the pan and never have a chance to be fully digested.

Don’t blame the internet, and don’t even THINK about blaming the “Hipsters”.. They are the bright-eyed, dumb-assed, often misguided minds of today, who will control the trends of tomorrow. Still essentially part of the crowd, they indulge in a group-think mentality, going where the party is. That’s what kids do. Why even trip about it?

Behind the scenes are the old guard, responsible for every Rock & Roll, Blues Ripoff act who toured the world and made millions, while their influences died penniless. The old guard is responsible for the many songwriters who never received a royalty check, while the cover artists with the correct skin color were showered with accolades and riches.

Nowadays, it’s the POSERS who will take money and credit for starting “trends”, while the rest of the industry fights over the scraps.


I will now outline to you how you may spot a POSER, because obviously no one is telling you:

They will avoid culturally significant artists at all costs! POSERS favor the latest trendy garbage, which has yet to establish itself (often for good reason). Sometimes POSERS will get lucky and jump on a trend that has some substance. They already have the A&R money in place from the old guard to make it work in a MAJOR way. In such a case the POSER will be hailed as a MESSIAH. Usually though, their failures number THREE TIMES that of their successes. The reason for this is that they have no real inspiration.

POSERS are great, however at spending “the MAN’s” money to go around and ”discover” then exploit the “next new thing”. Posers are like Christopher Columbus to the music industry. Artists who do not sever ties from them QUICKLY usually end up with nothing.

REAL Mfkkas:
They will find the ORIGINATORS (the OGs) within a given genre, and attempt to breath new life into their careers. The Rolling Stones bent over backwards to let the WORLD know how much respect they had for Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry (and later Peter Tosh). Their name even came from a Muddy Waters Record. Led Zepplin and many other Rock superstars reached back and payed tribute to Blues man Robert Johnson, even as their careers thrived.

REAL Mfkkas don’t usually claim to be originators. They will give credit to their influences even as they evolve into something the world cannot easily categorize. That is how you know they are real. For a while… no one knows what the hell they are doing. Their art is borne of personal self-expression.

Like it or not: Black Eye Peas, Steve Rifkind, Jay-Z, Jimmy Iovine have done quite enough to satisfy the REAL Mfkka criteria overall…musically… I know.. I know…talk that shit… Just do your research (or write and ask me why I said it).

As the world continues to NAME and subsequently DISPOSE OF genres, we’ll see who establishes themselves as having made a difference. Will it be the POSER? Does it even matter? It is totally in your hands. You should understand one thing tho, before being so dismissive… There are POSERS in every industry.


On tour in Australia, I met Aloe Blacc. He was touring with Mya Jupiter, and DJ’ing her music. Since he wasn’t on the bill as a headliner.. NATURALLY I treated him badly and hated on him every chance I got.

Well now I’m really going to regret that, because his song “I Need A Dollar” has been named as the THEME SONG for a new HBO production, “How To Make It In America”..!

Actually you probably realize that is not at all how it went down in Australia..

Aloe Blacc – FIRST OF ALL… He is Panamanian…. BIGGG IT UUUUP..!
I heard someone singing pitch-perfect Salsa / Merengue tunes in Spanish when I was backstage. I had to go see who it was, because it was well wicked. It turned out to be a Stones Throw Records soul singer named Aloe Blacc; there as part of the great Mya Jupiter’s show.

Maya Jupiter, Aloe Blacc and a badazz Flamenco, Mariachi guitarist Victor Valdes played live instruments, Hip-Hop & Dancehall breaks, and even incorporated an Iron Butterfly bassline (the one Nas sampled). This was worked into a set that touched on music from every corner of the globe.

After getting to know their crew, there was a small mention about the possibilities with Aloe and HBO, but you never know until you sign the contracts, and the show is running. I am glad to see that opportunity was waiting for him once he touched back down in L.A.

Aloe Blacc / I Need A Dollar / How To Make It In America Theme Song