MC ZULU’s “Win Win” Gun Control Idea

Let the floodgates open and let’s have a real discussion. In a perfect world, we’ll all listen to each others ideas, concerns and we’ll consider everything. The very idea of gun control leaves people so divided, it’s as if rational conversation about it isn’t even possible. It reminds me of the vaccination issue. No one will agree on anything before it devolves into name calling. Well, Here’s my idea:

The idea of eliminating reverse compatibility of ammo COULD be met with all sorts of enmity… OR we could have a real discussion about it. I am not for disarming the population. That is every tyrant’s first step before clamping down. I am also not in favor of undocumented weapons flooding the streets.

Just like you need a license to drive, you need to have a license to shoot, and what you shoot needs to be documented. Americans have lost the trust factor in the eyes of their children. Trust is being violated every day by people who shoot indiscriminately. My opinion is that we’ve reached the point where use of a firearm has to be monitored for MISUSE. Target practice, hunting, protection? Fine. Robbery, assault, murder? It will be easier to find suspects. That’s my suggestion. I welcome any dissenting opinions. This generation is not likely to change a damn thing, but my hope is that these same endangered youth will pick up the ball and run with it. Time will tell.

Movie Review: Black Panther

BIG NEWS about this movie!! Gollum and Bilbo Baggins appear together again!!

It’s actually very cool how Hollywood works sometimes. People you’ve grown accustomed to seeing in a certain light step completely out of character, showing their real talent. Such is the case with Andy Serkis and Martin Freeman as they match wits and skill against a breathtaking special effects backdrop. Stan Lee makes a brilliant cameo as usual.
What you read above is an example of what we’ve been putting up with throughout the years. Hollywood totally marginalizes Black talent, because we HAVE no country, no industry, no representation. Very few of us have slipped through the cracks to achieve the ever elusive superstar rating………. But wait……………. This IS a movie review

Black Panther is set in a technologically advanced African society known as Wakanda. The country uses its own natural resources and thrives despite refusing to trade with the outside world. They are steeped in cultural heritage and are socially advanced enough to have their top military personnel be an elite, all female guard (like Libya once had).

It’s also a recurring theme throughout the Marvel Universe to have a conscientious hero. Black Panther is no different. Chadwick Boseman does an excellent job of communicating the inner turmoil of a protagonist. Time and again heroes are tested with the choice to either take the easy way out, or do what is best for all. As King T’Challa (aka Panther), Boseman is a great example for his constituents.

The fictional nation Wakanda is depicted as a hidden tech oasis, secretly masking itself as a “SH**Hole country” in order to ward off outsiders. The action is non-stop, and if any member of the star studded cast managed to outshine Boseman’s charismatic Panther, it was the fierce Danai Gurira. In her role of Okoye, Gurira was the true star of the movie for me. She brings a masterful complexity to a character that could have easily been played as a one-dimensional, angry fighting machine. The end result…. She literally STEALS every scene she appears in.

When you have a movie like this, it stirs certain emotions within a people who have constantly been depicted as less than. Around the world African diaspora have been reconnecting to their culture via the way they dress. This movie has been instrumental in creating a celebratory mood among attendees. This is the POWER of ART.

I could stop there, and that would be a great movie review.
While watching, I am thankful that we can be represented in such a positive light. I intend to support the cast and crew by seeing Black Panther twice……… HOWEVER

Let us not forget that SLAVERY has returned to Africa. Modern day slaves are being openly traded in Libya, with many destined to become victims of organ harvesting. Angola and Zimbabwe now use Chinese currency. Other countries are succumbing to European colonial taxes and the high interest rates they have been saddled with. Africa’s diamond trade is still run by Cecil Rhodes’ DeBeers company, and does not benefit African economies. Minerals are mined by children for cell phones and other consumer goods. Sudanese refugees are fleeing to (and now being kicked out of) Israel. Political interests see emergency food being held at checkpoints while weapons flow freely. Pharmaceutical companies perform human tests on the population.

But hey…Ā  I did look DAMN good in my Daishiki on opening day.
No judgement šŸ™‚ We should enjoy this movie and support it 100%
STILL… come away with ideas of taking positive action. Be ready to learn more about the world and let’s DISCUSS what can be done rather than constantly fighting. Stan Lee’s vision of Africa’s potential should not be bigger than that of Africa’s Children.

P.S. If you’ve read this far… Please look up the Songhai Empire. It was the last African dynasty; history BEFORE we became slaves. Once I became aware of Songhai my shackles begin to fall off.

Your Idea of Success is All That Matters

SOCIETY: For far too long now we have played the game of letting others tell us what we like. Many times without question we just go along with societal programming. This is how we end up with unrealistic beauty standards and a host of materialistic failures. The wanton acquisition of liabilities gives the air of success, and simultaneously ensures failure.

Honestly there is a bit of sadism wrapped up in flaunting capital. Are you trying to succeed, or are you trying to hurt people who don’t have what you have? Your motives will betray you every time. You owe it to yourself to make progress toward your goals, but only you know what they truly are.

I would like to remind you today that SUCCESS is nothing more than incremental progress toward a which ever goal you do have. You do not have a responsibility to acquire, or even want the things others are wishing for. Simply claim small victories on your path, and set new goals.

It’s not where you are that determines success. It’s where you’re headed. Constantly redefine what success looks like. Then every step you take can be a winning one.

Record Label Affiliates: Please Be In Touch

I have two main record label entities tied to this site. One is Electro Reggae. That’s my personal imprint that pays homage to all Reggae throughout history. The other label is Party Time Society. It’s used to release music that is NOT really Reggae.

If you have released music on either of these labels in the past two years please make sure I have your contact info.
Our record labels have an 80/20 royalty deal in place. That’s 80% in the artist’s favor. Contrast that against the majority of labels in today’s modern age who do NOT PAY ANY royalties. I won’t name names, except “Damn Near Each & Every One of Them”..

Anyway to avoid any accounting headaches please make sure to send an e-mail to: INFO (at) BoutiqueBranding.Net
Include your NAME | ARTIST NAME | PHONE NUMBER | PAYPAL E-Mail Address | CONTACT Email Address

I will be in touch about your royalties, and we can have a marketing / promo / branding conversation at that time.

The Secret to Regaining Happiness

If you’re anything like me, you were determined to keep things running smoothly as the global economy waxed and waned. That meant forgetting happiness and going into hustle mode. I went into that mode and STAYED THERE, sometimes working up to 100 hours weekly as a peds nurse. THEN I would stay up all night making MC ZULU songs. I was all about chasing a dollar.

The end result: A permanent mindset of Hustle Mode & Promo & Hard Work & Grinding & Pushing Limits & Never Sleeping….
I had forgotten how to be happy. It hit me one time when we took our kids to the arcade. I realized that I was actually BORED! I WANTED TO BE AT WORK!!!! instead of enjoying the day with my kids??

Things were going well but I feel like that happenedĀ at the expense of my humanity.

Honestly, right now………………………………… FUCK THAT
Actually FUCK THAT since about 2012. I made a commitment to fitness and family. I stopped touring as much and let all my kids grow up WITH a DAD, instead of some wannabe Rock Star.

That might be more than you want to know about me, but it’s my truth. What’s your truth? If the whole “Sleep when you’re dead” mentality has made it so you’ve forgotten how to LIVE, then you need to make a similar declaration. Nothing you want is worth exchanging your health or quality of life.

Get out of your comfort zone! Find things that you SUCK AT and struggle through them. Your journey will be beautiful. One of the things that I learned a while ago is that expertise can be boring. If people know the outcome they will fall asleep. Unpredictability incites curiosity and ultimately positive change. Reinvent yourself. Try as many constructive things as you can, until you find the ones you love. Your body and mind also crave variety. Fitness levels plateau if you do the same workout forever. Life is dynamic not static. You need to mix it up!

Capoeira (like Reggae) is something I love way more than I thought I would. I don’t care who’s better or worse. I’m just happy to be a part of it. Awesome, now find your “Capoeira”, whatever it may be. Chances are though, it lies outside of your comfort zone. Break your routine. Don’t be afraid to start at the beginning!

Your Definition of “WOKE” Says a Lot About You

“In the case of being “Woke” many people claim it, but exactly how Woke are you? It’s a term that’s often thrown around casually. Some people openly admit that they just “don’t want to know” certain things. Like anything else, your awareness is something that can be measured in degrees.

The Physical Plane
Knowledge of self is something that I truly believe is the first step. Becoming self-aware is not easy. For some it never happens until they reach old age. If you want to spare your children a lifetime of confusion, and never knowing what they WANT, help them to achieve at least that level of enlightenment.

The Mental Plane
When you have a strong acumen for the economic and man-made realm you are using your cerebral powers. Hard working, successful people are usually said to have transitioned into the Mental plane of enlightenment. They know what it takes to thrive in such an environment.

The Spiritual Plane
Many people move through life never knowing their place in the universe. A spiritual person considers their actions and the many possibilities that can result from them. As a result they are often the picture of stillness. The stress of the previous planes does not affect them as drastically. It is common for such a person to receive exactly what they need with minimal effort.

It is also my belief that every idea exists on each one of these planes, in a certain manifestation. I’ll refer to them often. However you define enlightenment and being “Woke” though, is up to you, but knowing the approaches might help you to achieve a better outcome.

How to Make the Most of Your Procrastination Habit

Procrastination… Putting things off until the very last minute. It says a lot about the type of person you are. While most people look down on – US – I say it really means you work better under pressure. It means you ENJOY life as it comes. You are not into delayed gratification just for the sake of it.

So one big suggestion for my fellow counter-punchers in life:

Start your day off with the one thing you are most likely to put off.
ALSO all those important / non-urgent tasks… put them up front, but damn. Then you wouldn’t be procrastinating would you?.

Anyway trust, making life work in your favor is often a matter of TRICKING YOUR MIND. Tell yourself you’re “looking forward” to the things you really don’t want to do. That’s how a lot of people establish healthy (barf) habits. Then they look down on everyone else. WELL MY GOAL IN 2018 IS TO LOOK DOWN ON SOMEBODY FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE!!

See you in the next BLOG

Money Vs. Wealth… They Are Not Related

Quick thoughts about money vs. wealth, because I see some of my friends and clients working themselves into the ground. The funny thing about it is when they were in survival mode they were much happier. Now they are established, yet obsessed with building more wealth. Unfortunately this obsession has begun to affect their health and well being, so I’ll put these few words here:

Money and Wealth are not related You don’t need a million dollars to feel like a million bucks. Seek the mindstate.

Seek the mindstate of health and wealth.

With that comes a balanced life of happiness and harmony. The amount of capital you amass begins to hold less importance. Ironically that is what enables more money to flow in your direction. Your mind is open to ideas that ultimately could enrich you far beyond your monetary goals. It’s more about of your reaction to stress than anything. Accept each challenge with the conviction that you will overcome it.

If you’ve ever known anyone in a financial bind who received “pennies from heaven” through the mail, or a big sale right before their store closed, then you know this to be true. The mindstate of health and wealth simply PREPARES you for a blessing, as you continue to do your best in life.