So, When Exactly Was Jay-Z a Sell Out?

Jay-Z Rap/glorifying an alleged drug dealing past = HERO
Jay-Z working with the NFL = SELLOUT (?)

We are being tricked yet again.
How do you think drugs and guns reached “the ghetto”? The NFL certainly didn’t put them there.

I’m not even a football fan and all I can see the organization doing is creating Black millionaires. Now THIS is where they messed up. They tried to stifle Colin Kaepernick’s first amendment rights, pandering to their MAGA contingent. Ultimately they had to pay Colin a settlement.

GOOD. I consider him a hero…. because he put everything on the line to make a statement; and the thing is, IT WORKED. The NFL is throwing money in every direction to put out the fire they started 🤣 but THEY are not the problem.
Believe it or not, the POLICE are not the problem.

The real problem is the unspoken policy of smuggling arms into CERTAIN neighborhoods, following that up with drugs, closing down the schools, not having local employment, increased taxation rates, food deserts, and CONTINUAL MEDIA DEMONIZATION, blaming the victims of said policy.

This is why I never did kneel.
This is why I don’t demonstrate.
The whole focus is misplaced.

Some of us are trying to sing and March like it’s 1960
Some of us are swinging the whip for the oppressor like it’s 1860

Both camps view anyone Black, existing outside of those ill-conceived boundaries as: SELLOUT