Law Enforcement vs. The Colored Folk – Is It Really “The Rhetoric”?

Police get upset when you protest them….. but they should be out there protesting right alongside us!

What’s really happening is that the ABSOLUTE WORST among their ranks are being allowed to represent the entire community. No matter how productive they try to be, they are still lumped in with those who commit the most egregious offenses!

It’s awful how decent members of the law enforcement community are unfairly profiled in this manner! I mean just imagine if OTHER communities were unfairly profiled in thi…………. oh wait.


On tour in Australia, I met Aloe Blacc. He was touring with Mya Jupiter, and DJ’ing her music. Since he wasn’t on the bill as a headliner.. NATURALLY I treated him badly and hated on him every chance I got.

Well now I’m really going to regret that, because his song “I Need A Dollar” has been named as the THEME SONG for a new HBO production, “How To Make It In America”..!

Actually you probably realize that is not at all how it went down in Australia..

Aloe Blacc – FIRST OF ALL… He is Panamanian…. BIGGG IT UUUUP..!
I heard someone singing pitch-perfect Salsa / Merengue tunes in Spanish when I was backstage. I had to go see who it was, because it was well wicked. It turned out to be a Stones Throw Records soul singer named Aloe Blacc; there as part of the great Mya Jupiter’s show.

Maya Jupiter, Aloe Blacc and a badazz Flamenco, Mariachi guitarist Victor Valdes played live instruments, Hip-Hop & Dancehall breaks, and even incorporated an Iron Butterfly bassline (the one Nas sampled). This was worked into a set that touched on music from every corner of the globe.

After getting to know their crew, there was a small mention about the possibilities with Aloe and HBO, but you never know until you sign the contracts, and the show is running. I am glad to see that opportunity was waiting for him once he touched back down in L.A.

Aloe Blacc / I Need A Dollar / How To Make It In America Theme Song