Record Label Affiliates: Please Be In Touch

I have two main record label entities tied to this site. One is Electro Reggae. That’s my personal imprint that pays homage to all Reggae throughout history. The other label is Party Time Society. It’s used to release music that is NOT really Reggae.

If you have released music on either of these labels in the past two years please make sure I have your contact info.
Our record labels have an 80/20 royalty deal in place. That’s 80% in the artist’s favor. Contrast that against the majority of labels in today’s modern age who do NOT PAY ANY royalties. I won’t name names, except “Damn Near Each & Every One of Them”..

Anyway to avoid any accounting headaches please make sure to send an e-mail to: INFO (at) BoutiqueBranding.Net
Include your NAME | ARTIST NAME | PHONE NUMBER | PAYPAL E-Mail Address | CONTACT Email Address

I will be in touch about your royalties, and we can have a marketing / promo / branding conversation at that time.