Politically Speaking… 2D vs. 3D Vision

Many people here are music producers and MIGHT be familiar with this picture. It is a 3D representation of a sound (wavetable) versus a 2D representation of a sound (frequency).

The 2D picture is flat like an ekg. It could be the same sound but, without the representation of depth, you lose a certain perspective.

What I have been saying with these updates is that we are trained to look at things from only the 2D perspective….. Left vs. Right. (or Red vs. Blue). That’s the same thing as racial profiling, man-splaining or any of the other toxic mindsets plaguing society. You really think the answers are simple because from your 2D point of view… they are.

I am not telling people who to vote for or which “side” to choose…. but you MUST NOT take a 2 Dimensional perspective into a voting booth! THAT is why we have such political upheaval and are stuck in a 2 party system.

There is a whole other view (3D) that people seldom discuss or consider. This is where you’ll find someone’s motivations. It gives you more to go on. You will also be able to look beyond the choices that are presented.

TRUTH is never 2D. We need to know WHY people are doing things, what drives their decisions. Then we can predict their actions or the probable result of their efforts.

That’s what a vote is after all.

WARNING: You might find that your vote really means very little……………. Then what will you do, continue to blame your friends? Or will you see how we are all being played?

At least once you understand that, society’s “divide and conquer” strategies will no longer work on you.

Why do you always seek approval? – ILLUSTRATED

Next edition of the megaphone self-portrait series…Starting with oil pastel on sketch paper, then moving eventually to acrylic on canvas. I’m not at all deterred by the overall lack of sophistication 🙂 I’m fully convinced that by the time I make the next 100 they will be really good.

White Belt For Life

Israel Adesanya really caught my ear with one of the phrases he is now famous for uttering. The idea is not a new one for me, but to see it being applied at such a high level is inspiring.

I come from a world of martial arts, when they actually argued over which “style” was most effective 🤣 The conventional thought at the time also placed having a “Black Belt” extremely high on the scale of importance.

After having studied so many styles and figuring I was pretty tough, along comes JiuJitsu… the art where 13 year old girls can easily put a grown man in the hospital.

Being a glutton for punishment I also looked into Capoeira, and became hooked, because it’s all so difficult. Difficulty is where you’ll find growth.

An empty cup is the only one you can fill. All this means is: Sometimes knowledge gets in the way. Approach life like a beginner and you’ll always make progress.