Burning Man 2020 (Virtual)

MC ZULU - Burning Man 2020 (Virtual)

05 Sep 2020 Virtual Black Rock City


Venue : Multiverse (app)
Address : Online (Virtual)

Because Burning Man was forced to go virtual, you now have to load an app to your device to see these performances. The app is called “Multiverse” https://www.DustyMultiverse.com
Or it’s available in the various platform stores.

Once you log into the multiverse you’ll see how the entire experience has been set up in the Virtual Reality world. It’s pretty exciting to be a part of it!

1st Performance is approximately 6pm @ “Hookahdome”
AUDIO SET – Playing Disco, House & Reggae

2nd Performance is approximately 9pm @ “Solar Shrine”
AUDIO/VISUAL SET – Green screen with all sorts of wicked background material.
It features some of the latest Dancehall tracks with AfroBeats & Jungle/Drum&Bass