No one should argue with Science…

Yet somehow:
Capitalism is quite adept at doing that very thing. But that’s just “INDUSTRY”.

Xenophobia can’t seem to keep it’s big mouth shut either. In that case it’s “EUGENICS”.

The worst part about it is, when all that happens, people still call it “Science”. 😊👍🏾

Science has given us cures, fixes, protection, shelter, vaccines, energy, and the promise to enhance life on a worldwide scale. You’ll know it’s science when it benefits most people.

The two culprits I have listed above pervert this life-affirming process in every way imaginable; and only a complacent, mind-controlled robot would argue in favor of them.

The closest you can ever get to the TRUTH is when you learn to consider someone’s motivations.

In the large scale corruption of Science:
If capitalism or xenophobia don’t fit the bill, the next place to look is “VANITY”.

Vanity is the thought process that had the sun revolving around the Earth, even though Science knew full well that it did not. Ask Copernicus about that one.

Damn…. It seems like you CAN “argue with Science” after all. So that’s not exactly a valid premise for trying to deny someone’s free will.

Call that what it is also…. it’s COWARDICE.
Regardless of how you choose to express yourself at the ballot box, there are people on both sides of the argument making major changes to public policy.

Rather than confront those objectives it’s, obviously, much easier to beat up on your friends.