Before even trying to approach the diet subject, fix your mind: There is no such thing as a “fat” person.
Society has literally oppressed a segment of the population by glorifying unrealistic standards of beauty; so you may not even realize how someone else perceives you as attractive. The result of that conditioning can have you hating yourself and becoming resentful of others. What the world calls “fat” is nothing more than stored energy, and if you can find a way to utilize those reserves, your external appearance will change.

We all know the risks of obesity. The potential for circulatory or respiratory issues are crucial reasons for wanting to shape up. You might exercise like crazy but your diet is the most important element. I won’t tell you EXACTLY what to do. This only represents what I have been doing.

Counting Calories (It ain’t religion…. Estimate, but keep track)
Limiting food intake to about 2000 Calories daily (According to the United States FDA) is a decent idea. Theoretically, in order to reduce you have to BURN more than that, creating a calorie deficit. As you adjust your intake, your body will start to tap into its reserves. It’s important to understand what exactly adds up to that 2000 Calorie limit, so you get enough nutrients.  GOOGLE Image Search: 2000 Calorie Diet.

Sometimes one salad will add up, depending on what’s in it. Even one can of vegan soup might be 400 Calories. Food is deceptive. You might think you’re eating healthy and the sugar content could be setting you back. Another point of confusion is the emphasis on a high protein diet. If you don’t get enough, your body will actually feed on its own muscles. Still, excess protein is also broken down, converted to carbohydrates and eventually stored as fat. The rest is excreted. That can tax your kidneys over time, especially if water intake is inadequate.

NOTE: Depending on activity levels, you’ll require more or less calories. You might need to limit your intake to 1000 or even less, but Olympians can burn twice that amount in one training session. Their diets can be ridiculous. To understand this better read about Michael Phelps’ 10,000 Calorie / Day Olympic Diet.

Again… No one is FAT. It’s all stored energy. If you tap into those reserves you’ll see a renewed version of yourself.