In Jr. High School I was a bully. That’s because in elementary school I myself was bullied. Still the whole time I despised fighting. If you fight you have to hurt someone, and all that drama just isn’t necessary. So how does a reluctant bully stay safe in a world of tyrants? Learn how to physically take care of yourself and others. Martial arts is a great way to make sure your life stays sane and peaceful.

The fitness benefits, however… are limitless. All the videos of 80 year olds flipping people around (flipping themselves around) inspire me to no end; but it’s not about beating people up. It’s about being well rounded as a human being.

What’s Your Style?
The collective fight IQ has increased dramatically in recent years. Gone are the days where a person would devote themselves to one school of thought, or style. I feel it’s better to think now in terms of proximity or RANGE. What you do depends on how close the opponent is to you. If they’re far away Capoeira or Muay Thai kicks work, as they move in closer Boxing is better, if they tackle you Jiu Jitsu is best. Start every morning with Tai Chi and Qi Gong breathing. Bruce Lee was right. There is no “limitation as limitation”.

If you can manage to split up your week in a way that allows you to experience various disciplines, imagine the level of fitness you will achieve. It may seem weird, but yoga ties it all together. A good stretching regimen and adequate hydration will have you moving like a superhuman well into your 80’s. If you don’t stretch and drink enough water you’ll get stiff. You’ll blame your “age” even at 30.

Final piece of advice: Do not take yourself too seriously. Treat everyone with respect, and CELEBRATE every time you leave a class. You’ve learned a little bit more. You’ve pushed yourself past a new limit. You can do this!