:::::: ANTIFA :::::: .
Antifa is full of loose cannon mfkkaz who think they’re “helping” or just want to break things because many of them are entitled, angry little turds…… That’s the volunteer coefficient 🤣🤣🤣 but that’s an ideology (Anti-Fascist) not an organization. .
::::::: NOT ANTIFA ::::::: A more sinister agenda is at play when you see these grown azz men in work boots starting bonfires. If they are wearing bulletproof vests, you already know who they are… ROGUE Officers…. because there are plenty of real officers showing love, regardless of what any of you want to say.

CROOKED police are the devil, and our societal laziness allowed those devils to move even higher, into positions of authority. Judges, District Attorney, Senator, etc. Now public policy is against us.

Also look out for the following:
Protestors being bussed in.
Pallets of bricks left for rioters to throw.
Milk and water supplies lined up by the tree, for when they get tear gassed.
Professionally printed “riot signs”. Who goes to FedEx the night before a riot?? 🤣

Hedge funds use paid provocateurs to manipulate the economy by fomenting chaos. The fires burn and the dollar value fluctuates. They trade on that.

White supremacists are another issue altogether. They think the Boston Tea Party (essentially a “false flag operation”) was a patriotic act…. and this is how they have operated ever since. They do shit, and blame other people for it.

The REAL PROBLEM: Unlike most GAMES with two opposing sides, there are several teams on the field at once. So it’s hard to see WHO is doing WHAT.

This is my international art page,,, but I’m taking a break to discuss the politics of Babylon, where I live.
We’ll be back to the music / etc. soon