From the mouths of babes… I do quite a bit of writing, but it never occurred to me to compare similarities between the COVID-19 global pandemic and the protests currently lighting up the countryside. Whether it’s coronavirus or police kneeling on someone’s neck… they both attack the fundamental right to breathe. This profound expression was recently summed up in a choreography entitled “Prana :  Breath”. My daughter Asha, her friend Rekha and a cadre of mega-talented associates created this impressive production.

A most poignant spoken word verse accompanied the dance, punctuating the final minutes…
I am immeasurably honored that they asked me to voice it.

In this modern age of free expression it may seem like an oddity, but the girls faced quite a bit of pushback from the traditional community for creating this. It mixes a counter-culture aesthetic with new age soul and classical, Indian dance (both are students of Hema and Krithika Rajagopalan). I am immensely proud of the entire crew. This is something that definitely flies in the face of convention, but it’s a bold statement, made during a time when many people are either too angry, or too afraid to communicate effectively.
Virtual screening on Youtube, Facebook, IGTV
Fundraiser for The Okra Project  (an American grassroots collective providing support to Black trans, non-binary, and gender-non conforming individuals) 

Music composed & produced by Noga Cabo


Noga Cabo, vocals / guitar 
Jahnvi Madan, clarinet
Yi-Mei Templeman, cello
Adam Cabo, vocals / udu
Dassi Rosenkrantz, bass

Dance by Rekha Iyer and Asha Rowland

Video Edited by Rebecca Hurson

Featured Artists: MC ZULU (spoken word) and Xavier Lightfoot (performative painting)