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Babylon In Turmoil…
Once authorities decided they should institute some sort of precautions related to Coronavirus, many people were caught off guard by the sudden shift in social climate.

I walked into a local grocery store in late April, looking to purchase a mask, and was immediately intercepted by a gentleman who informed me that face coverings were required. Initially I side stepped him, saying “I’m actually here to buy a mask”. He wasn’t having it. He explained that the store could be fined heavily now, because it was the law.

What I didn’t know was that HE was “The Law”… placed there in an official capacity as compliance officer. He suggested I go to the car and get a shirt to cover my face. Before I returned masks had sold out, so the officer suggested I buy a bandanna. I finally saw a glimpse of the badge when he pointed to them and realized, Chicago is not playing. Babylon is burning.

The next day I walked into a gas station, compliance-ready, with my officer-suggested bandanna on, and the POOR CLERK jumped out of his skin! He breathed a sigh of relief once he realized I was merely following guidelines. This is what I looked like.

So my question: Is it my fault my very appearance makes you want to trigger the silent alarm? I even bought a white bandanna to avoid any gang related confusion.

About a month later the entire country would be up in flames because a police officer knelt on a man’s neck, killing him over an alleged, counterfeit ($20) dollar transaction. That same officer happened to be a tax evader, to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Once again, bandanna-wearing “Negroes” struck fear in the hearts of store owners, but It turned out that most of the “looters” were White Supremacists.

The disparity in perception, in the application of law, in the presumption of guilt is what sickens most of us with AmeriKKKa. The deindustrialization of “Black” communities, the drugs and guns flooded to the areas, CREATED the character you’re so afraid of.

Now you reap what you sow, as the very children you intended to be beneficiaries of your fetid corruption chant #BlackLivesMatter even louder than we do. The irony is poetic.