Israel Adesanya really caught my ear with one of the phrases he is now famous for uttering. The idea is not a new one for me, but to see it being applied at such a high level is inspiring.

I come from a world of martial arts, when they actually argued over which “style” was most effective 🤣 The conventional thought at the time also placed having a “Black Belt” extremely high on the scale of importance.

After having studied so many styles and figuring I was pretty tough, along comes JiuJitsu… the art where 13 year old girls can easily put a grown man in the hospital.

Being a glutton for punishment I also looked into Capoeira, and became hooked, because it’s all so difficult. Difficulty is where you’ll find growth.

An empty cup is the only one you can fill. All this means is: Sometimes knowledge gets in the way. Approach life like a beginner and you’ll always make progress.