After almost 500 years of being on this land… have you ever wondered what makes us a color in AmeriKKKa, and not a culture?
Black / White / Yellow / Red what a JOKE.

Nathaniel Bacon’s rebellion took place in 1676. (100 years before the American Revolution)… Poor indentured servants, regardless of skin color, pretty much instituted a “purge”.. against the rich, and the Native Americans with whom the rich traded (furs and tobacco).

In order to keep this formidable union of disaffected laborers separated, the idea of RACE was conceptualized in 1681. Intermarriage was made illegal first. Then land ownership laws followed. The idea of indentured servitude was abolished and the African slave trade became the source of hard labor.

The “privileged”, White class was handed the whip as a legal means of controlling the labor. The idea of White Supremacy became the law of the land in Amerikkka, and it weakened the bargaining position of everyone… except the elite.

Some of you think it’s a sweet deal granted by White Jesus, but it keeps us out of the middle class, and you out of the upper class. Now as the rich get richer, the middle class shrinks. This is why there are so many Whites on welfare. They have relied upon their privilege alone to get them jobs, school entry, etc.

To all the ALLIES against all forms of oppression. This is why we fight. Do not let the foolish and misinformed tell you that an era of Black Supremacy is what’s to follow.

We recognize RACE as nothing more than class warfare, and it will take time, but the moment we start to build a culture is the moment we start to become a family.