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Remember, people, if you do everything right, keep your nose clean and stay out of trouble… you are one No-Knock warrant away from being murdered in bed.

Imagine being a cop, serving one of those, and a gunshot comes your way. Since before you hit the academy, you have been trained that “CERTAIN PEOPLE” don’t want to see you survive your shift.

Naturally, you return fire with such terror in your heart that you even shoot one of your own fellow officers. You kill another innocent person in their bed, who happens to be a paramedic. Shots even fly through neighboring buildings.

Bullets…fueled by hatred, cowardice, and an utter disregard for anyone else’s well-being, prove that you were never cut out for this line of work.

The fact that the warrant was not re-verified within a 48 hr. period of time is the real elephant in the room. Police were attempting to detain a suspect they already had in custody.

After making this symphony of errors, killing a fellow first responder…. authorities gave her mother the runaround, sending her back and forth to the hospital, as they crafted the most antiseptic narrative they could come up with.

In Minneapolis, we saw a similar high profile situation. Fear and bullets combined to destroy a person’s life. Officer Mohammed Noor shot Justine Diamond, and soon after, he received a jail sentence of 12 years.

Breonna Taylor is not Justine Diamond, though. Her financial settlement is 8 million dollars lower. Her killers will not be charged as such. All we are left with is a sense of the usual disparity and the foreboding that we could be next.

Beyond the players in this tragedy… The System is even more to blame. It perpetuates itself, continually giving citizens the illusion of choice, amused as we fight over the “lesser of evils.”

This will not be the last time Breonna Taylor makes headlines. When the under-charged officer receives a slap on the wrist, we will again have to revisit this tragedy.

It is never safe to be around a coward. Remember, one of the officers also shot a cop that night. The System, however, makes it VERY safe to BE a coward, a racist, a bully, a tyrant…. and so we continue to fight The System.