Men of Means (Spoken Word)

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Delilah or Jezebel…
Female names carrying a negative connotation throughout the years. Are they truly the perpetrators or were they victims themselves as part of a greater scheme? This is a preview one of the newer tracks I’m working on, inspired by current events / Juxtaposed against early Roots Reggae. It’s a spoken word piece called “Men of Means”. Full song will debut during the next Facebook Live Selecta Set.

More coming your way touching all the genres related to Reggae (Roots / Dancehall / Electro / Etc.)

Is Your Intelligence Holding You Back?

When you’re really intelligent it can be much more difficult to accomplish things. This has nothing to do with your ability, its more a question of what I call SELF LIMITING RATIONALIZATIONS

These are the thoughts in your mind that make perfect sense, but ultimately go against what you want to accomplish!

They manifest in the way of self doubt, and those doubts become mantras… that you repeat to yourself. You’re so intelligent and these mantras make so much sense that well wishers can’t even TALK you out of them..

They’re “insulting your Intelligence” with all that motivational crap.

Sometimes you have to tone down your intelligence… Get control of it. Don’t let it control YOU.

make your mind pay more attention to what you WANT… instead of what you KNOW because throughout the universe things are at happening that you can NEVER know.

conversations are being had, circumstances are being created. All outside the narrow scope of what we KNOW

I don’t even think about it. I think about what I want! and to increase the likelihood of it happening I think how I’m going to help other people when I get it.

whenever I think like that I succeed.
The people around me succeed

Skinner Boxed Society (We’re All Lab Rats)

Dr.Ā BF Skinner revolutionizedĀ animal and behavioral psychology. He took Ivan Pavlovā€™s groundbreaking work with dogs to a more detailed level, incorporating rats (hence the term lab rats), pigeons and other animals. Skinner kept his subjects in a controlled environment, and would observe their reaction to the various stimuli that he introduced. Continue reading →

SXSW 2010 iPhone Update pt. 2

Men plan, God laughsā€¦

Sat March 20
I figured I would be able to attend each and every seminar that day. Why the hell not? I even made a nice listā€¦ but fatigue kicked in.

Every so often one of my cousins join me on tour to hang out and remind me of what a nerd I really am. Much love to Nicey for being patient with my excessively tired azz. Iā€™m afraid I was not much of a host, waking up at 6:30 pm

9:40pm) We went to Beauty Bar, for another Soulico cameo, because the SXSW site SAID Beauty Bar. Well that show was at Palm Doorā€¦ a different venue OWNED by Beauty Bar.. Niiiiceā€¦ Figured it out waaay after 10.! Got to Palm Door just as they were calling my name. I hate that.

1am) Pop Montrealā€™s Showcase ā€“ Thanks for the invite (which really came from Poirier), but donā€™t even try to leave ā€œf. MC Zuluā€ out of the headlines (or write it in all small) when I am doing an official showcase there with him.

Maybe Iā€™m not a big dealā€¦.. But how will I ever GET to be one if people keep playing me like that?

This is not a rant. I appreciate EVERYONE allowing me to share their stages! 5 SXSW appearances, all wonderful audiences;

Sun March 21
We got to see the Capitol Bldg. of Texas the next day! My Mommaā€™s from Texas :o)

I finally found some pastry satisfaction in the way of Cinnabons.. Not all DRY like they make it in the wannabe-cost-cutting Chicago burbs eitherā€¦. TEXAS Style dammit! (ā€œSinner Bunsā€)

OK Next I will post some Twitter responses I found.Boom


I had big plans for Saturday..didnā€™t do sh**

Cousin Nicey with her nerd cousin Zulu

Who knew Austin was the Capitol of Texass.s.sshit.Ishould.haveā€¦ no comment