The “Us vs. Them” Dynamic, Not So Dynamic After All

It doesn’t matter the situation… political, religious or otherwise. When someone is pushing a separatist agenda (Us vs. Them) it’s the most immediate way to amass personal power. When people speak of inclusion they will have a longer, more profound impact.

Ultimately separatists end up alone and hated, mainly because people (even their followers) truly mean nothing to them. The ones who embrace togetherness endure. Their legacy is magnified throughout the years.

YOu’re Too Old / It’s Too Late / You’re Not Good Enough

You’re TOO OLD / It’s TOO LATE / You’re not good enough
Imagine how happy you’d be if….

Your inner demons use these words more than anyone.
Don’t blame the “well meaning” family member who said it once or twice. Don’t blame the bully who whispered it behind your back. Inner demons are negative thoughts constantly replayed in your subconscious mind. They will always be the most powerful enemy you have.

The good news about this “enemy” is that you can control it. You can train it to be your greatest ally, a never-ending source of power. Your subconscious mind is only an enemy if you program it to be one.

So when you find yourself brooding about how good things “won’t work”, or kicking yourself over “lost time”, recognize that thought as an inner demon. Mentally target that demon and get it out of your head somehow. It’s truly the only thing holding you back.

When a positively charged mind is leading you, circumstances are secondary.

Notre’ Dame Cathedral Burns, Triggering Worldwide Grief

Honestly I hate to see that Notre Dame Cathedral burnt down because I am fond of the Gothic architecture of Catholic churches… Really it’s the POLICIES of the church that need to be burnt down for good. Their ideas laid the foundation of the rich getting richer, and living without accountability. Stop blaming “The Jews”…. Religious enrichment is a ROMAN tradition.

A police officer’s son burnt down Black churches, but there wasn’t half of the outcry…… HERE’S WHY.

As far as Black churches are concerned, many Black people know THEY should be the ones burning them. Holy houses of mis-information taught us the doctrines of Euro supremacy and fealty to slave masters. That’s where our brainwashing began.

King James commissioned a version of the bible where people who once spoke ancient Hebrew and Aramaic are now quoted in Olde English…(Thou shalt not, Blessed be thine heart etc.) You want to know why people are lost? It’s because everywhere we turn we are being further misdirected.

For instance, you want me to pray to Blonde Jesus for deliverance from White cops and Black criminals?

Just so I’m clear on this: It takes the murder of our best role models to bring Black people together? A burning cathedral was the only thing that could stop the REST of Paris from being burnt down? If there’s any takeaway from this confusion I would say: The human need for TRAGEDY before UNITY is our greatest downfall.

BLOG and Playlist Submissions

Greets everyone.
MC ZULU here just dropping a line to say thanks for giving feedback on the latest remix. I was a pretty established vocalist before, but took time off (raising kids). Now I’m returning and producing for myself. It’s going to be across multiple genres, and the constructive criticism you gave is very important.

Being a vocalist took me around the world, but I had to put in the work and pay dues. It’s going to be the same on the production side of things. I’ll be taking your suggestions, working with engineers, other producers and watching MAAAWWDDD tutorials. Looking forward to sending more material your way, and through other channels very soon. I wish you all the best in what you’re trying to accomplish as well.

Kind Regards!!

Don’t Do Things With Haters In Mind

What does winning mean to you? Have you accomplished a lot and you still feel like it’s not enough? This could be why.

So many times we think about the ones who have hated on us. We CLAIM that it drives us to do better… it’s true. That can be a good Catalyst or motivator, but the anger burns bright, and it’s not effective as a long term fuel.

So you have people who have done some great things and their first thought is: Man I know the haters gonna CHOKE on this one.

You just cut your blessing in half.. You know why? Your are inclined towards negativity. Instead of thinking how you could inspire the next few thousand people, you’re thinking of how to HURT someone with your success. So your best efforts are not aimed at uplifting your fans and well wishers. They are aimed at HATERS.

Is it any surprise at all…That’s who you seem to attract?

The State of Africa & “The Ghetto” = Money for Society Overall

Why is Africa so poor? Why is “the ghetto” so screwed up? It’s only because the general public is shrouded in ignorance. Recently the Belgian prime minister apologized to African nations for it’s part in colonialism.

Yeah, White folks finally recognize what THEY did to us.
He has nothing to apologize for, he didn’t do it personally.

THE TRUTH: Rich people came up with a plan to further enrich themselves despite the fact that hundreds of millions would die. They developed a de-humanized way of looking at the main victims and TRICKED the whole world into sharing that view.

The REAL perpetrators of this heinous system have “Whites” thinking they’re just a cut above, that “Blacks” ended up this way because they are lazy and violent.

They have many “Blacks” thinking that way as well…. so much so that we hate ourselves! Through White Supremacy a privileged class was created. It is class warfare.

The class warfare is backed by economic disparity. Those who break through are hailed as the exception and not the norm….. reinforcing their second class status.

In actuality, countries give a small amount of aid to Africa while MINING 5000 times the resources FROM Africa. The same thing happens in “the ghetto” where the taxes and costs of goods are much higher. There is only garbage for food and any available jobs pay nothing. Ghetto’s sustain cities by way of these tactics, and also “Broken Windows Policing”, just like a nucleus sustains a cell.

Not familiar with that term? Look it up.

Many of you who don’t believe me also look at Ghandi’s writings about Black people while he LIVED IN AFRICA! Despite the racist beliefs he once held, as a result of what I just described… he woke up and became….. GHANDI….. He realized we’re all the same. So can you. It’s not too late.

Some think having the “redlined” part of their city to look down upon is a pretty sweet deal, because comparatively, it means they’ve done well… but it’s like driving a car with one flat tire. Imagine how nuch further society would move ahead if you fixed that flat tire.

The Reason I was Always Shouting “Crowd Control”…

A CROWD is much easier to manipulate than a group of people thinking for themselves. Once you become part of a crowd you’ll know, because you begin to look disparagingly at the opposition, rather than critically.

Before you realize it, you’re also part of a narrative that had nothing to do with your original intentions.

Society’s biggest problem is that people do not feel empowered, determined or correct unless they are part of a crowd. If you don’t believe me look at how art is appraised. What determines value….

Do OTHER people want it?
Do OTHER people like it?
Do OTHER people believe it?
……OK well so do I.

Look at everything critically. Find the voice within you that decides what’s right vs. wrong. Get in touch with your OWN feelings. Too many of us have shut that down in favor of our crowd mentality, but that’s our only connection to GOD

When you TRULY think or pray it is individualized.

Crowds chant together Their power is limited to the waging of battles. That’s why most bibles talk about war. That’s why “Holy ground” is most often determined by how much blood was spilled in the area..
Being part of a crowd is what destroys your GOD.
Because a GOD doesn’t need a crowd.
A GOD needs true believers.

We are WAY Past 1984

The Ecuadorian government recieved a 4.2 Billion dollar loan from the IMF and suddenly Julian Assange had to leave the embassy.

Your social media apps listen to you.
Amazon employees monitor your conversations.

Representatives fighting against pollution are called stupid and receive death threats.

…and sorry Universal Healthcare should not mean that you are FINED for NOT buying insurance.

The country is setting aside funds to build a wall around you and MANDATING vaccines. What else will they mandate once you’re marked “safe” from the measles and the immigrants?

Who here thinks I should “go back to Africa” because I see too much corporate/government over reach. It’s MUCH WORSE over there. They don’t even ask… They just send troops.

The only way to sell these continued violations is by creating a “bad guy” via hatemongering rhetoric, then declaring anyone who tries to rise up against it as crazy….. or they are assassinated.

YOU are falling for the worst ruse of all, willfully relinquishing your rights.

Nature of The Demon

Demons are compound thoughts. Natural fear folded over onto itself becomes anxiety. Natural anger becomes rage. Caution becomes paranoia. Desire becomes obsession.

That’s why demons are so difficult to recognize. They masquerade as normal emotions, right up to the point where they have completely destroyed your life. So SET LIMITS beforehand. Extremist viewpoints and unbridled emotional states are the demons which continually hold society back.